It is very frustrating when an organization or business does not have a website. It is only a bit less frustrating if the website isn’t engaging or easily navigated. Our website had been pieced together over the years and although it had accurate information, it needed to be redesigned and brought up to date visually.

Joel came to us with the tools, knowledge, and design skills to create a website that we loved and that we could easily maintain on our own. Joel was collaborative and offered options to specific needs that we had. That included calendar features, pages uniquely designed with ties to informative posts, social media links, and special projects or events with registration. Once the website was designed, Joel gave clear tutorials and instructions for the areas that we needed to update regularly.

I appreciate the ownership he gives to us to be able to make changes in real time and that he is very respondent to us when we on occasion have messed things up. I have a high level of trust with Representative Designs, and no hesitation to recommend this company for any web development or video production needs.

Shari Letts
Youth Department

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