Video Editing

Cutting, Enhancing & Producing Video

  • Helping You communicate a better story

  • Audio & Video/Colour Correction

  • Multiple dimensions/formats for various forms of communication

  • Tools: Final Cut Pro & Adobe products

Pricing: Every project varies based on several factors but the average Real Estate Market video (see example) is around $200.00 CAD + tax

Videography / Coaching

Filming / Coaching Setup and Story Telling

  • Helping You capture your story

  • Coaching Video, Audio, Lights and Storytelling

  • On Location, Contracting, and Live streaming

  • Tools: DSLRs, Mirrorless, Video Cameras, various audio tools, etc.

Pricing: For a 1 camera shoot I charge $80.00 per hour (includes one videographer, camera, suitable mic). For coaching setup and story telling I charge $60 per hour. Depending on the type of video, it is often more cost effective to be coached on self-filming than to hire a videographer.

Graphic & Web Design

Designing the images and sites that best represent You.

  • Helping You communicate through the screen and in print

  • Logo creation, website design, slideshow template creation, etc.

  • Multiple dimensions/formats for various forms of communication

  • Tools: Adobe products

Pricing: Pricing varies greatly with graphic and web design projects. Let’s Connect and talk about you and what you’re looking for.