Before contacting Joel, I was using a Power Point slide deck that I designed myself over 10 years ago to deliver project management training.  At the time, the slide deck was not intended for wide audiences as it was being delivered to my own project teams.  It did the job.  However, the need for project management fundamentals training has increased due to the volume of projects that organizations are taking on.  I delivered that presentation to wider audiences several times, and although they enjoyed the content, some of the feedback included the requirement to update the slide deck.  I decided to invest in a professional updating of the slide deck to improve the overall experience of my seminars.

When I contacted Joel to describe the scope of work, he was very mindful of the challenges in appealing to large audiences and presented several options with varying budgets.  I appreciated the openness to discussion in identifying the needs of this project, and also the multiple options.  Working with Joel during the design process was a pleasant surprise to me.  He seemed to understand the intent of every slide, and add professional touches (such as icons, shapes, and colours) that really add to the presentation experience, and make it extremely professional.  He sent me a few sample slides to set the direction, and after a few iterations and thoughtful discussions, the overall design of the presentation was finalized.

The speed at which the final product was delivered was amazing.  The result was beyond my expectations, and the feedback from several audiences was extremely positive.  When I do a side by side comparison of the original version, I am extremely grateful that I made this investment.

Tom Marchese
P.Eng, PMP
Consulting Engineer
True Milestones Inc.

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