Helping A Realtor Reach More Clients Through Video

I have been working with Melody Wilson, helping her connect to more clients for the last four years. I edit videos on a monthly basis for her. I’ve also designed her own branded infographics and I’ve given the occasional advice on video setup. Melody is an excellent communicator with lots of great ideas to reach her market, so it’s been really easy working with her. The two main videos I’ve edited for her are Market Update Videos and the “Edmonton Insider.” which is a scoop on the different events, history and places of the city of Edmonton.

Services Provided
  • Video Editing

  • Video Setup Advice

  • Graphic Design

“Edmonton Insider” Video Example

This is the first “Edmonton Insider” I edited for Melody to communicate primarily with those moving into Edmonton or thinking about moving to Edmonton. It gives a great idea of things people may enjoy to see or do in Edmonton. All of the footage she filmed herself or contracted to get filmed (drone footage). I designed the video, including feel and branding to fit what Melody was going for.

Market Stats Video Example

Here is an example of a monthly market update video that I edit for Melody. She uses the Edmonton Real Estate Board stats from the previous month and tells a story of what is going on in Edmonton in real estate. I produce these videos for Melody every month. Our feedback runs both ways. At times she communicates changes she would like. At other times I’m making suggestions regarding filming or communication. Our partnership works really well.

Find out what Melody said about me:

  • "I was in need of a video editor to edit my market stats videos after losing my previous one. Enter Joel - working with him has been a breeze. He seamlessly integrated into my workflow, making the process simple and easy. Joel's ability to grasp..."